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In real life, there is no certain type of people that everyone will like - each person has his own tastes and expectations from his ideal partner. Therefore, the proposition “one size fits all” is absolutely incorrect in the dating context. On the other hand, any feature of a mail order bride can be attractive to any man. For example, in recent years, the popularity of BBW dating sites that are created for lovers of oversize women has been growing.


Have you seen the paintings of the Middle Ages? Artists of those times portrayed women with wide hips and pretty protruding belly - then thinness was not considered the ideal of female beauty. Probably, in our time, men also find the curvaceous of a woman attractive. This fact is confirmed by the growing number of websites specializing in BBW dating. As a man who finds plus size dating an interesting idea, you can choose any big beautiful dating network to meet pretty women with a magnificent figure and wonderful character traits.


Something You Should to Know About BBW Personals

If you use dating sites on the Internet, we are sure that you have already came across 'BBW' or 'chubby dating' terms. However, what does 'BBW' mean?


The first thing you need to know, 'BBW' is an acronym for Big Beautiful Women. This term has gone through decades and allows many girls to feel attractive and sexy. Many men find over size women attractive and want to meet with them. Since there is a demand for BBW girls, they feel themselves confident and desirable.


Many men have recognized their love for large women with a magnificent figure and visit big women dating sites to meet their perfect partner. If you are one of them, here are some interesting facts about BBW dating that you might find useful:

  1. BBWs are girls who recognize who they are and accept themselves as they are. Large women are self-confident and prone to self-irony. They take jokes well and can make jokes about themselves too. Therefore, any oversize girl wants to meet a man who has a good sense of humor - this is very important.

  2. Most men still love women with a slim or miniature figure - this is a fact. Therefore, large women are often the object of ridicule, and they fall under social pressure in general. In this regard, BBWs are more mundane and prone to introversion. However, among them there are many cheerful girls opened for dating with any men, regardless of age, worldview, skin color and other aspects.

  3. BBWs take a more serious approach to relationships and value the man who is next to her. Any large girl understands that her inner world is something more attractive to the man who chose her than her appearance. Therefore, relationships with BBWs can be more serious and lasting.

  4. Unlike miniature ladies, who are used to the fact that the whole world revolves around them, BBWs think more mundane and are more modest personalities. Bigger girls are more fun and playful. You can communicate easily with any BBW and find common topics for conversation. Firstly, you will not divert your attention to various aspects of her appearance. Secondly, any bigger woman will be flattered that you have paid attention to her and will do her best to maintain your relationship.

  5. Since the paradigm of female beauty is clearly defined by society, BBWs are always behind the scrutiny of men. So, bigger women are less popular than girls with a normal appearance - and even less popular than those who are lucky to have a perfect figure from nature. So, you have a greater chance of success in dating bigger girls.


If you, like most other men, have been hit by the traditional attractiveness of women, you already know that your relationship may fail, as beautiful girls seek to find the best man for themselves. So, you risk becoming only one of the links in the chain on the way to her perfect partner. As for BBWs, everything is completely different here. Any bigger girl values her relationship with a man who chose her, and is also much less prone to betrayal. So, your relationship with big beautiful women can be a big step towards happily ever.


Top Best BBW Dating Sites

Many men around the world find bigger girls attractive, which is why BBW hookup dating is becoming more common phenomenon. However, many oversize women are uncomfortable when it comes to archaic dating methods. Therefore, they prefer to register their profiles on dating sites in the hope of meeting their true happiness. We are here to help you choose the best BBW singles website that meets all your expectations. We have studied many different online services and compiled a list of the best BBW websites that will become your best helpers to find a good friend or ideal partner for a long relationship - the choice is yours.



Created in 2001, LargeFriends is one of the best offers in the online dating market for those who want to find the perfect partner who shares your desires and values. This site specializes in BBW dating and is a comfortable environment for dating and communicating with larger girls around the world. A simple and straightforward registration process is proposed here. You can provide detailed information about yourself, including age, gender, growth, marital status, ethnicity, and more. Thanks to finer settings, you can determine your expectations from a potential partner - what your perfect match should be. Communication features include winks, quick messages, video conferencing, and more. with its many years of experience is a true BBW dating professional. It offers three options for paid membership to choose from - a 6-month subscription is the most promising option because it provides full access to all additional features for a minimum price per month of use.



Would you like to have your perfect date with BBW? This site is the best answer to this question for many men who want to try BBW dating. BBWCupid was created specifically for BBWs as well as men who dream of finding their perfect bigger girl. BBWCupid provides the best user experience and has high ratings among those who used it. BBWCupid received almost the maximum number of stars in the following categories - ease of use, quality of service, subscription cost, affordable package of features and chances to get a date.


This site provides access to many features on a free subscription basis. However, those users who have purchased a Gold Account benefit most. For $ 24.98 per month, you get full access to all the powerful features of this online service. The price can be reduced by almost half or even three if you decide to subscribe for 6 months or a year. If you want to have your own video profile and share video mail, you can purchase the highest rank account - Premium membership.



This site with its unique design and user-friendly interface is a new star in the BBW dating market. It was introduced to the world in 2011 and is slightly inferior in popularity to such whales as LargeFriend or BBWCupid are. However, it has every opportunity for further growth and prosperity. A huge audience of fatties and their fans have already paid attention to BBWAdmire. This means that this site has formed a large community for chubby dating which is characterized by friendliness and tolerance for each other. Another important advantage of BBWAdmire is that it allows you to create an account and use most of its functions absolutely free.


However, if you want to use BBWAdmire to its maximum potential, you will have to purchase a Gold account. There is a slight flaw here - PayPal is the only available deposit method. However, PayPal provides reliable protection of financial transactions, as well as the complete confidentiality of the account holder. Paid membership provides chat access and also allows you to use a BBW finder smart algorithm.






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This site was created for every BBW who wants to find her friend or husband, as well as for men who find BBWs really attractive. BBPeopleMeet states that the times when fatties were treated scornfully have long passed. BBPeopleMeet creates a reliable and secure environment for comfortable communication with people who share your desires and outlook on life. This BBW dating site will fully meet your expectations if you are looking for an easy to use and reliable online dating service that won't hit your wallet. Everyone who used BBPeopleMeet noticed that this dating site you to a high chance of getting a date with a beautiful woman.


BBPeopleMeet will allow you to create your profile, upload your photos and fill out a detailed profile absolutely free. However, without buying a paid membership, you will not be able to access the communication tools. Therefore, we recommend that you consider buying a Gold account right away. Paying only 6.99 dollars per month under the terms of a six-month paid subscription, you will be able to initiate personal conversations with any girls on the site. Such a low cost of membership is due to the fact that BBPeopleMeet lacks the features available on many other dating websites. However, it can be a great starting point for your trip to the world of BBW dating.



Unlike many BBW dating sites that try to engage you in the process of finding the ideal partner from the first pages, BBWRomance takes a more responsible approach - you will find many useful articles that will help you to be more successful in communicating with BBWs. This website is less sales oriented among all other BBW personals. Another advantage of BBWRomance is that it offers one of the easiest and fastest processes to register your account.


When you read all the articles and decide to purchase a subscription, you will be pleasantly surprised at its cheapness - only about $ 60 per year for using all functions! Plus, you can save your time by signing up for a three-day subscription for only $ 7.95.


BBWRomance impresses with its set of features that will be available to you after purchasing a Gold account. In addition to the usual chat allowing you to send private messages, forums are available here - the best option if you want to find friends. Also, you can make audio and video calls. Like the Tinder app, you can quickly browse the profiles of other members and send flirting to girls you find attractive.



Created in 2001, that BBW dating site is another of the old-timers who deserves your attention if you are aiming to meet bigger girls. One of the key benefits of BBWDateFinder is the quick registration which takes only about 3 minutes. You will be asked to fill in the fields of the user profile, indicating your age, gender, height, eye and hair color, body type and other personal characteristics - all this is necessary to improve the performance of smart algorithms. You can also upload some of your photos to increase the chances of success. BBWDateFinder gives you the opportunity to create your account absolutely free - you can make sure that it meets all your expectations.


By agreeing to a longer subscription, you will be offered the best monthly rate for paid membership. Approved by reputable publications such as CNN and The New York, BBWDateFinder has every chance of becoming your best choice for finding your perfect partner in the world of BBW dating. For only $ 16.99 per month (6-month paid subscription), you get access to all the BBWDateFinder features - quick messages, video calls, sending flirtations and much more.



If you are a bigger woman who is unlucky on traditional dating sites such as Elite Singles and others, WooPlus has every chance of becoming your best choice. This dating app was created specifically for those who love bigger girls and make the perfect environment for safe and comfortable dating. Functionality WooPlus in many ways resembles Tinder. The idea of creating WooPlus arose after the appearance of a comic video that demonstrates how awkward dating for fat girls can be.


Despite the fact that the app only allows girls with bigger forms than girls with a traditional figure to register, men of any complexion can join. Another important advantage of WooPlus platform is that it clearly distinguishes between love for large forms and fetishism - such profiles will be deleted.


WooPlus is free for 1 month. Next, you need to decide on the purchase of a paid membership - the 6-month option comes at the most affordable price (just for $ 59.99).


BBW Dating – Advantages 

  • BBWs are modest and mundane girls who know how to take care of their partner.

  • Many of the bigger girls on BBW online dating sites have an attractive appearance with curvaceous shapes.

  • BBW girls take themselves as they are and are not afraid of the ridicule of others.

  • These girls are capable of real feelings.

  • Talking with bigger girls, you can easily find common topics for conversation.

  • You can choose any place for a date with your bigger woman and not be afraid of rejection by others.

  • Many BBWs have a playful personality and like to spend time actively and cheerfully.

  • Bigger girls are real gourmets and can cook excellent dishes.

  • They have real outlooks on life and are not as demanding as girls with standard looks.

  • They put less pressure on their partner and are less demanding on your appearance.


BBW Dating – Useful Tips & Advices

So, you have already found a girl for a date with our best BBW sites. You are probably nervous because you have to be in public with a bigger girl - this is unnecessary because these girls are no different from others. However, you should avoid sensitive questions and be friendly when it comes to dating BBW. Here are some tips you need for a successful date:

  • Be a real gentleman. She will get the most pleasure from communication and meeting with you if you are polite and respectful.

  • Avoid some things to discuss. You can make a bad impression of yourself if you ask a bigger woman about exercising in the gym and eating addiction.

  • Do not pay attention to other girls in her presence. Skinny girls are more attractive to men - a well-known fact. Do not make the mistake of looking at thin girls while communicating with BBW - she may perceive this as a personal insult.

  • Choose the right place for your date. Some BBWs are shy girls - consider this when choosing a cafe or restaurant. Make sure that the dishes served suit her tastes and that the seats are large and comfortable enough. Also, do not forget to ask her what events she would like to attend.

  • Do not be afraid to introduce her to your friends and family. Hiding BBW from others is the worst thing you can do - she will feel that you are ashamed to show her to others.

  • Avoid excessive persistence or curiosity when dealing with a bigger girl. In addition, you should not do things that may be offensive to her. When choosing the best topic for conversation, ask your girlfriend what she would be interested in discussing.



We believe that this article will make you prepared for chatting and dating with BBWs. These girls were underestimated for a long time and did not receive enough attention from men. However, BBW dating sites are revolutionizing dating world. They create a safe and comfortable environment for dating girls who, for various reasons, cannot have an ideal figure, but like all other women, they want to receive attention from men. 


With our dating sites for BBW, everyone gets a chance to meet the perfect partner to create a serious and lasting relationship. So, join a community of friendly and tolerant people to start your journey in searching for your perfect match right now!